Coaching for Performance Problems



This webinar is a complete guide on how to diagnose and analyze performance problems of employees and how to coach them to overcome the problems successfully.

Coaching can bring performance issues to an employee’s attention and help the employee to correct them. The ultimate goal of performance coaching is not to make the employee feel badly. The goal of coaching is to work with the employee to solve performance problems and improve the work of the employee, the team, and the department.

Don’t wait until you have to place an employee on a Performance Improvement Plan! Leaders have a propensity to be hesitant about coaching employees. They hesitate to interfere, interrupt, or upset them. Employees deserve developmental and performance coaching time to help them improve and avoid making mistakes in the future.

Coaching is an investment.

When a concern or issue does develop, it is the result of factors such as:

Lack of awareness (the employee made a mistake and didn’t realize it)
Lack of clarity (the employee didn’t understand some aspect of the assignment)
Lack of skill set (the employee was asked to stretch too much)
Lack of Motivation (the employee may have not been the right fit for that task or job)

Find out how to:

Increase productivity from all of your employees
Increase the quality of your team’s work
Make your life easier and free up your time to work on more strategic efforts

Areas to be Covered:

How diagnose a performance problem
Identify how to tackle a performance problem
How to use 4 types of questions to help your employee take action and avoid obstacles
Analyze the employee’s commitment level
Discuss how to create strong goals with your employee
Motivate and influence your employee to change
Identify the 3 factors that determine an employee’s success

Who will Benefit:

HR Vice Presidents
HR Directors
Senior Management Teams
HR Managers
Team Leaders
Head of Talent Development
Leaders of Start up companies
Training Managers
Managers responsible for emplyee performances

Brad Federman

Brad Federman is the Chief Operating Officer of F&H Solutions Group. He joined the consulting firm with the merger of his own performance improvement company, Performancepoint, LLC in 2013, to offer clients a strengthened portfolio of human resources consulting and performance improvement services and products.

Brad is an author, a speaker and a consultant with more than 22 years of corporate experience in various aspects of human resources including performance management and employee engagement, employee compensation, executive recruiting, change management and instructional design. His background also includes sales, marketing, product development and operations.

Brad earned his bachelor of arts degree in communications from University of Maryland and a master of education degree in human resource development from Vanderbilt University.


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