Complying with Employment Record Requirements – A Checklist

How can We Win at Trial Without the Proof: Why Employment Record Keeping is Everything!

In this session we will reverse engineer the process. We will look at problems that arise in the courtroom when defence attorneys do not have the proper documents to defend the company, and what goes right when they do have the proper documents. Through this process we will learn what needs to be kept and should to best defend and protect the company in the event of an employee lawsuits for FLSA overtime, Title VII (discrimination) FMLA and ADA.

Why You Should Attend:

We all know that it is important to document events that occur. There is the old expression, “if it is not in the chart it did not occur.” But in some settings not documenting is crucial and fatal. For example, did you know that not keeping track of employee’s hours is fatal to overtime cases. Sometimes you might be documenting items, but focusing on the wrong items. In this seminar we will discuss what needs to be documented and what should be documented that strengthens employers’ defenses in the event lawsuits are filed.

Areas Covered in the Session :

  • Overview of basic employment documents
  • The importance of documents in the termination process
  • Importance documentation in defending Title VII cases
  • What information does the government require you to keep under the FLSA for overtime
  • How to use documentation to prove FLSA overtime exemptions
  • Documents and notification for FMLA and ADA leave
Who Should Attend:

  • In-House Counsel
  • Compliance Officers
  • Human Resources
  • CFOs
  • Executives
  • Business owners
  • Office managers
  • Company presidents


Stuart M. Silverman

Stuart Silverman has been practicing law for almost 30 years and is the principal of the Law Offices of Stuart M. Silverman, P.A., located in Boca Raton, Florida. The emphasis of his practice is in the area of labor and employment law, and business and commercial litigation. Mr. Silverman has represented both private and public employers, as well as individual employees in a whole host of complex business disputes and employment settings at administrative levels, and state and federal trial and appellate courts. His extensive employment litigation experience includes claims under age, race, sex discrimination, wage and hour claims, whistleblower and retaliation claims, ADA and FMLA claims, public employee’s claims, as well as disputes under employment contracts, non-compete agreements, trade secrets disputes, and partnership breakups. Mr. Silverman is a frequent speaker on his areas of practice.

Mr. Silverman is also a member of The Workplace Violence Prevention Institute (WPVI), a group formed to investigate solutions and strategies from a proactive and systemic perspective to minimize the risk of workplace violence, specifically violence caused by employees or former employees. He earned his B.A. degree, with high honors, and his J.D. degree from Rutgers University. Mr. Silverman is admitted to The Florida Bar and the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

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