Legal and Practical Guidelines for Dealing with Psychiatric Disabilities at Work

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This webinar will guide you on how to deal with Psychiatric Disabilities at work, legally and practically – Navigating the A.D.A., Worker’s Comp and the Family Medical Leave Act.

This workshop helps HR professionals understand how to navigate the difficult and often murky challenge of dealing with “invisible disabilities.” To make matters more confusion, the recent amendments to the A.D.A. have a significant impact on the rights of mentally employees as well as the responsibilities of employers. This practical workshop address both the legal and psychological issues that often arise, such as confidentiality, fitness for duty evaluations, when and why to drug test, the relationship between conduct problems and mental illness, and how to directly address mental health problems with managers and employees.

Areas to be Covered:

When do conduct problems become mental illness?
What do you say to a depressed employee?
What protection do alcoholics and substance abusers have under the A.D.A.?
How do you handle threats and other disruptive behavior?
How do you avoid the 5 biggest mistakes managers make in managing mentally ill employees?
What do you do when an employee talks of suicide?
How do you handle an employee who comes back from rehab?

Who will Benefit:

Senior HR Professionals
HR Analysts
HR Managers & Directors
HR Personnel
Managers & Supervisors
Employee Relations Professionals
Employee Assistance Professionals
Directors, Vice Presidents & Managers of Recruiting/Retention
Directors, Vice Presidents & Managers of Human Resources
Employment Managers/Specialists
HR Coordinators/Supervisors
Leaders of Startup companies

Dr. Joni E. Johnston

Dr. Joni E. Johnston, is the founder and CEO of Work Relationships, a corporate training and consulting company specializing in workplace mental health problems as well as employee conduct issues including workplace harassment, workplace violence, and effective discipline/termination. Dr. Johnston has been performing human resource seminars for professional groups and industry associations since she founded her HR/employee relations consulting and training firm in 1991, and has personally trained over 50,000 managers and supervisors. She has worked extensively in the biotech and life sciences industry. A forensic psychologist, Dr. Johnston has written monthly columns for LexisNexis, HR.Com and HRGateway. She is an adjunct professor in Tiffin University’s criminal justice program and has authored three books, including The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Psychology. She has also served as an expert witness in numerous employment-related lawsuits.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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