Pharma Analytics – I Have All These Data, Now What Do I DO?



We know that it takes more than a large data set and computer software to effectively solve problems. As information technology increases in capability and availability the opportunity to use data to develop and improve processes becomes even greater. This webinar provides guidance on how to manage and execute data-rich projects and is illustrated with case studies and examples. A guiding objective is the discovery of relationships between variables that result in increased process and product understanding. “Tips and traps” are also provided.

Particular attention is paid to the pedigree of the data: the process that generated the data, the measurement process and the data collection process including the sampling schemes used. Also essential to success is the use of subject matter knowledge to frame the problem and assess and interpret the results of the analysis.

Areas to be Covered:

The role “Data Analytics” play in Pharma’s Business world today
Building Blocks of Pharma Analytics What is Analytics?
Analytics Building Blocks?
Assessing “Data Pedigree” to assure you have the quality data in the right amount
How to get started in developing models from data
How to verify the prediction accuracy over time
Tips, Traps and guidelines for conducting successful data analytics studies

Who will Benefit:

Department Managers
Quality Engineers
Research and Development Scientists
Biologists and Microbiologists
Chemists and Chemical Engineers
Process and Manufacturing Engineers
Quality Assurance Personnel
Supply Chain Professionals
Accounting Professionals
Anyone with a desire to learn the fundamentals of methodical performance improvement

Dr. Ronald D. Snee

Ronald D. Snee, PhD, is Founder and President of Snee Associates, LLC. He provides guidance to senior executives in their pursuit of improved business performance using Lean Six Sigma, Quality by Design (QbD), and other data-based improvement approaches that produce bottom line results. He has played a leadership role in 32 major improvement initiatives for firms such as Novartis, Human Genome Sciences, and Kraft Foods.

Ron also serves as Adjunct Professor in the Temple University School of Pharmacy and Rutgers University Pharmaceutical Engineering Program. Prior to entering the consulting field he worked at DuPont for 24 years in a variety of assignments including pharmaceuticals.

He received his BA from Washington and Jefferson College and MS and PhD degrees from Rutgers University.

Ron in an Honorary Member of the American Society for Quality and has been awarded the ASQ’s Shewhart, Grant and Distinguished Service Medals. Other awards and honors include the American Statistical Association’s Deming Lecture, W. J. Dixon Statistical Consulting Excellence and Gerald J. Hahn Quality and Productivity Achievement Awards. He is a frequent speaker and has published six books and more than 300 papers in the fields of performance improvement, quality, management, and statistics.

He is a past recipient of the Institute of Validation’s Speaker of the Year Award.


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