Virtual Workplace Management : Setting Tracking and Achieving Goals



Are you a Manager, Human Resource Professional or Executive Officer of an Organization that has asked yourself… “How do I effectively manage a mobile workforce as successfully as teams that have been co-located?”

Today, our work environment includes commuting to our offices, opening our laptops, plugging in the cell and beginning our workday. Communicating Virtually is premier as the phone is used with less frequency. Whether our teams are on-site or mobile, we are working on our projects and most commonly communicating with our management, team members and customers virtually.

Through a decade of success and failure with theories on Virtual Team Performance, Setting, Tracking and Achieving Goals has been important to my team’s wildly successful results !

Fortunately, I found a few very smart and experienced mentors that taught me that my ability to lead and manage remotely was based on a simple blueprint:
Simply Not Required :
X New Management Theories for “Virtual Teams”
X Elaborate and Specialized Technology Tools
X Extensive “Telework” plans, rules and regulations

This is not your mother’s telecommuting…we are mobile. Even without a sanctioned telework program and policies, we are working remotely. Very few organizations do not have employees working from remote locations – it happened organically without a “telecommuting program.”

There is no single strategy that will work for every organization but the principles of Communication, Trust, Clarity, Results and Transparency are necessary to support all successful Virtual Teams.

It is all About The Results !

Areas to be Covered:

Setting Tracking and Achieving Goals is an important component to an overall successful implementation of a virtual workplace. In our 60 minutes together, I will share with you: An assessment that will indicate if your current management practices include imperatives for Managing Results whether in a Virtual Workplace or in a Traditional Office Environment.

The Virtual Workplace Blueprint that will support consistent goal achievement:

Setting Goals – Why is it Only the Price Of Admission?
How Do We Connect Our Teams to Our Organization?
How do we Create a Strong Sense Of Ownership And Accountability For Achieving Goals?
How do we Successfully Track our Goals?
Change Is A Part Of The Process And Not A Reason To Not Set Goals!
We Do Not Know What We Do Not Know!
How do we Connect Our Organization to Our Team?

The Tools: Putting It All Together

Goals, Project Plans and Status Reports
Building Templates
Instilling the Discipline

Who will Benefit:

Virtual Teams
All levels of managers, from the newly appointed to the executive level
All Human Resources staff
Telework Administrators

Tamara K. Strickland

Tamara K. Strickland, for the last 20 years, has managed high-performance teams that have been remote or working outside of traditional office environments. Since 2003, she has worked exclusively with Virtual Teams. Her teams work from home, hotel rooms, airplanes, coffee shops and customer sites but not from traditional office space.

Tamara is able to share experience from the “trenches” having managed Virtual Teams in two Fortune 500 companies and finding solutions to unique challenges for Virtual Manager and Employees.

Currently, she serves as a Vice President for a Fortune 500 organization and is both a Virtual Manager and a Virtual Employee.

Tamara holds an MBA and professional certifications in both Change Management and Business Process Management and has had the great privilege of working with organizations in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, providing Virtual Workplace education and Business Process Expertise.


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